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    Girl Pundits E.4 with host Kitty Kurth and guest Kristina Zahorik, the President, of the Illinois Democratic County Chairs Association

    Kitty Kurth has a great chat with Kristina Zahorik, the President, of the Illinois Democratic County Chairs Association, the IDCCA. Kristina is a lynchpin of Democratic organizations in the areas where they are growing the fastest. She is the Chair, McHenry County Democratic Party AND the State Central Committeewoman, 14th Congressional District. She is also the Vice Chair, Democratic Party of Illinois. In her spare time, she is Mom to five children. Earlier in her career, she was a policy advisor to US Senator Paul Simon.

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    Girl Pundits E.3 with host Kitty Kurth and guest Hon. Carol Moseley Braun

    Carol Moseley Braun is a certified trailblazer and shero. On Episode 3 we talked about birds, World War I, New Zealand, is it harder to be a woman in Springfield or Washington? Tune in for great stories from a woman who has been a State Rep and leader in the Illinois General Assembly, an Ambassador, a professor, a US Senator and an organic food CEO. #SenatorAmbassador #CarolMoseleyBraun @kittykurth @girlpundits

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    Girl Pundits Pilot Hosted by Kitty Kurth with guest Sylvia Ewing

    This podcast is dedicated to smart women talking to, and listening to, other smart women. Men can listen if they want. Kitty Kurth hosts this pilot episode of Girl Pundits featuring communicator extraordinaire Sylvia Ewing for an honest and insightful conversation.

    They chatted about the aftermath of the mid-terms, local, national and international politics.

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